My Current Availability:
Available for a direct hire fully remote role only.

I'm Currently Fully-Remote-Only Due to COVID19.

Availability: Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking to get out of consulting and stay out of consulting. If the position you want to contact me about is direct hire, not a contract, is fully remote, can be done from the PST time zone, and has the intention of a full time role I can stay in for 3-5 years minimal, skip to the bottom and read the Personal FAQ and follow its instructions.

Otherwise, Read all of the following before contacting me for the best experience.

The contents of this page may NOT be used for used for ETA-9089, USCIS Form I-140, or Visa Petition of any kind. This is to limit abuse by recruiters and third parties.

Covid19 F.A.Q.

Is COVID19 still a threat?
What can I do to fight the threat of COVID19?
Get fully vaccinated and boosted.
Wear a mask when out and about to protect everyone.
How does my wearing a mask help?
Wearing a mask protects others in the event that you get infected and do not get symptoms that you can notice while you are then unintentionally spreading it to others.
It helps protect you and makes it harder for the virus to ruin your day.

Travel/Time-zone F.A.Q.

Why wont you travel?
I am 100% Remote and isolated in order to protect the people in my life who have compromised immune systems from the deadly effects of COVID19. I will never go into an office, get on a plane, or commute to an office for you, even if its required to get the job. I would rather not have the job, over risking the lives of innocent people.
What country/time zone are you based in?
I'm based in Seattle, WA, in the USA, so I'm in the Pacific Time Zone (PST) *ONLY*. I will Not relocate or time shift for any reason. Asking me to do so will only show you have no respect for others.
I will Not work other time zones. Period. This includes but is not limited to EST or CST time zones. Please do Not ask me to work a non-Seattle, WA timezone or I will assume you are just trying to get around a new pay transparencty law and reject the interview request.
I will Not travel to other countries for any reason.
My phone will block phone calls from unknown people in a fully automatic way by the "Do not Disturb" feature on my phone for people not already in my contact list.
I am happy to get on a Zoom, Google Hangout, Text Chat, or Voice/Phone Call, but in-person will not happen. I do not submit previously recorded video's for interviews; this is to mitigate the risk of it being abused. I require human interaction in interviews.

Security Clearance F.A.Q.

Why won't you consider roles that require a government security clearance?
I do not currently have *any* style of government security clearance, and have no interest in going through the artificially terrible process to get it.

Technology Stack FAQ

Do you favor doing back-end development, or front-end development?
I'm a Full Stack Software Development Engineer who dislikes working on web front end enough that I actively avoid it as much as possible.
If given a choice between web back-end or web front-end development, I would choose a role on the back, because thats where the most technically challenging and business critical problems are.
I don't see enough engineering excellence on the front end to be interested in it, unless its something the company really needs done. I would much rather be where I can do the most good for the company/team, and sometimes that is the Front-End/UI so I'm happy to help out the team. But statistically, more often the biggest company need is on the back-end. So I target back-end roles over front-end roles.
What cloud hosting providers have you actually used?
I have personal development experience building products using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google's Cloud Platform as well as Openstack, Hadoop, and manual "Rack and Stack" company built/hybrid clouds I set up myself. I have also moved entire companies to the cloud, and between clouds, as well as been part of teams that did so. I have even lead teams that did so.
What mobile application development experience do you have?
I have personal experience building products on all the major mobile App platforms (iOS [Objective C, Swift], Android [C++ ABI, Java, Linux C Libs]) as well as other legacy platforms (Windows Mobile [OS Level Code in C++, App in C#/.Net/C++], IoT [C++, Embedded Python, C, Assembly]), and Other embedded devices [C, C++, Assembly, Python, Lua, others]. I'm interested in Unity, but I do not have the time for it in personal projects at the moment.
What desktop development have you done?
I have personal experience building desktop products on all the major computing platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as other server-focused platforms (Linux, Berkley Software Distribution, HP-UX, Solaris, others).
I have personally used C#/.Net, F#/.Net, Python, PowerShell, DOS Batch Scripts, Go Lang, VBA, C++ (Visual Studio, GCC, CLANG), C (Visual Studio, GCC, CLANG), Perl, Assembly, and others.
I LOVE Python and GoLang and Rust's design interests me at a very geeky level, but I cant seem to find a Python/GO/Rust Language role.
What are your thoughts on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?
Every role, Every project, must have CI and CD. I have a "definition of done" that requires this be used, so I prefer to build continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines early on to create the most momentum.
What SQL / NoSQL / Database development have you done?
I have personal experience with multiple databases on all the major computing platforms (PC (Windows/Linux), Mac)) as well as other platforms.
This includes ACID compliant SQL based DB's including MySQL, PostgreSQL, T-SQL, SQLitem, as well as NoSQL aka "Not Only SQL" alternatives that include Redis, DynamoDB, Key->Value Stores and Document DB's, Key->Key->Value stores like Cassandra, etc. I'm a fan of Redis over MongoDB. I use an ORM when it makes sense, and can write raw SQL when needed.
I'm against MongoDB even existing on technical grounds that I'm happy to explain in detail if you just ask.
What programming languages do you have the most recent experience in?
I have the most recent professional experience has as of today 02/14/2022 been in Python, C, NodeJs, JavaScript/Typescript, C#/.Net, Rust, Ruby, Batch/Bash/Shell Scripting, Java, F#, SQL, C++, GO, C++, and Perl. In that order.
I have also spent a lot of time on other languages. Currently spending time with bison and flex grammars for the fun of it, if that means anything to you.
Over my years programming I have personal experience in others such as and including (but not limited to) Assembly, JavaScript, Lua, TCL, Bash, Powershell, and a very long list of others that are no longer generally used (Such as COBOL, LISP, etc). I often am asked to simply dive in and as a language agnostic software professional, I'm generally happy to do so if it means solving problems.
I don't limit myself to one language and I prefer to build up a toolbox so I can use the right tool for the job over treating a given programming language as the one tool for everything. Tools often get replaced with better tools.
Can you handle our needs?
Statistically, yes. If not I will say so, because your time is valuable and I hate BS'ing people as it violates my engineering sensibilities.
I'm programming language agnostic and would rather have a toolbox than use a single language as a hammer against every problem.
If I do not already know the language or framework, I will tell you. I will then go get a book on it, and then spend time learning it on my own, just for the fun of it.
Contact me directly with your expectations. I'm always open to a conversation to see how I can help.

Leadership Style F.A.Q.

How would you best explain your leadership style?
I use a "Eyes on, Hands off" style. The goal is to maintain flexibility between different elements of servant leadership and typical PDM / Delegation while still maintaining business priorities by being results-oriented and balance sheet focused.
What does "Eyes on, Hands off" really mean in simple English?
It means I coach and train people, teams, and organizations so that leadership is not a bottleneck on the productivity of the members of the team, in a way that allows leadership to still maintain control over what results they get from the team, all without creating organizational problems that limit company growth or employee retention.
What if we train our people and they grow enough to be able to leave the company or ask for more money?
What if you don't improve your team's skills at all, and they decide to stay and lower the overall effectiveness of your company by being more Jr. level, and your company dies so slowly nobody knows it until its too late to save the company because your people stayed jr. level in their roles for too long? See the Boiling Frog Problem.
What if our organization is more Jr. because we can't retain our best people?
There is a number of things you can do, but if you are not already treating people with respect, limiting working hours to 40-45 hours a week, paying people market competitive rates, removing the bad managers you might think are good, etc, then your retention will improve if you do this. Otherwise, reach out for a discussion.
If that is not helping, then you may have a leadership problem or you have a bad idea of what market rate looks like. In this case your leadership or management is possibly chasing your best people away even if you are paying people enough.
I actually specialize in helping companies keep their best people as part of larger efforts to grow teams to be more productive.
Your best people will always leave first, because unlike the people who stay, they have the opportunities that allow them to be the one that leaves first.
Reach out for a discussion.
Whats this "Love, Defend, Learn" Motto you often use about?
Its about remembering to be kind, and to cultivate people. Reach out for a discussion.

Job Interest F.A.Q.

What are you actually looking for?
I'm looking to find a family focused company that I can invest my time and career into without feeling used, feeling lied to, or feeling dirty or shamed about what I work on. It does not have to be a tech company, but I expect to be doing Tech Things for them.
I want to find a company I can help be successful using my tech skills, and then share in that success that I helped to create, myself. I just don't want to be a temporary person because I did that as a consultant.
My dream is I want to be able to actually schedule a vacation (Or maybe my own wedding?) 2 years in advance on my work calendar, and be able to actually go to it on time and keep the date without a meeting or business conflict getting in the way.
I'm over people who pretend C19 is not a danger; I'm also sick of being told that people I care for have been murdered by it.
What sort of roles are you most interested in?
I want to work on things I can be passionate about. I'm trying to restart my life a bit post-2021, so:
  1. FTE with Hiring Bonus, Equity, Single Trigger Vesting, etc. gets my attention over anything else.
  2. If your physical location is outside of The United States, then please do not contact me.
  3. If the role is 1099/C2C in tax status, then please do not even try to contact me. I'm a w2 employee, only.
  4. If the role is a temporary contract of any kind, or has a 1099/C2C tax status, then please do not even try to contact me about it.
  5. If the role requires relocation or time shifting to a non-PST time zone, then please do not contact me.
  6. Contact me for a discussion about anything else.

Domains F.A.Q.

So I see you own https://GameDev.Com, would you sell it to me?
No. The domain GameDev.Com is an active part of my portfolio. I use it for multiple private projects and have since it was bought originally on 2017-12-10. It is not going unused, and I am not a domain squatter. The domain is simply not for sale and I'm tired of getting unreasonably low offers to buy it.

Public Speaking/Cons and Talks F.A.Q.

Will you do a guest speaking engagement for free?
I see a lot of my peers abused this way and have learned from their complaints and misery that if somebody has me as a guest speaker you MUST demand that all of your expenses are covered in advance, including a hotel near the conference +/- one day, plus an honorarium. Especially if you are an invited keynote speaker. Otherwise, you are just allowing others to take advantage of you as you act as a billboard for them.

Legal F.A.Q.

Why won't you work for Huawei or their owned/connected subsidiaries (Futurewei, etc) in China?
The United States Federal Government is formally accusing them of Treason against America.
Legally speaking, this is a capital crime with a death sentence per United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381. I want nothing to do with this, or any person or company in that situation.
Why won't you work for companies based in China?
Why won't you work for companies based in Russia?
Why won't you work for companies based in India?
I dont consider it a trustworthy country due to its globally high crime rate against womem.
I'm a lawyer looking to talk to you about an opportunity to license your IP to my client..
Stop. One of the rules I picked up working as an Executive at a Fortune 50 company is that "Lawyers always only Talk to Other Lawyers".
The result of this is that I simply don't talk to lawyers that don't explicitly work for me. Period.
In the event that a Lawyer reaches out to me for any reason, I will always refer them to my own lawyer, let them sort it out, and then add the cost of my lawyer to any invoice I send out to you or your client based on the agreements we all made together.

Interview Process F.A.Q.

Why do you have any standard Frequently Asked Questions for interviews?
Please see My Dedicated FAQ page for interview processes.

Electronic Currency F.A.Q.

Why do you disapprove of electronic currencies, aka "crypto" and "blockchain" and "web3"?
Please see My Dedicated page for why Web3/Blockchains are a scam and a grift.

Personal F.A.Q.

Why have you done so much contracting?

I was just a kid who had been running his own tech company since he was emancipated at 17 after starting college while still in jr. high school and then doing "Running Start" in high school after being unwillingly declared a "gifted child". I sort of "won the lotto" and through good luck, hard work, a lot of determination, and with some help from friends to move me, I manage to land my first role at MSFT in MSR. MSR is also known as MSFT Research.

Here I am, surrounded by PHD's and experts in fields of study I adored. I wanted to learn everything. So I did what any man should do in that situation: I started asking questions about everything I could, including how best to take advantage of this opportunity.

They all told me the same thing; that I should stay a contractor until I was "ready" and "sick of it", move around the industry, learn daily - including from my own mistakes - and then once I wanted out of contracting, take the amount of experience/skills that I had acquired from contracting/consulting and settle down into a "work home" that I could invest myself in fully, in a mutually symbiotic relationship built on mutual respect and a sincere desire to keep learning while building the future. I'm looking for that home now.

Are you open to FTE roles?
Yes, I am actually prioritizing FTE roles for the future over any form of contract. Contact me for a discussion.
Why wont you work for [Company Name Here]?
I will not work for a company I know to be breaking the law.
I will not work for a company I know to be based outside of the United States because I cannot count on them following my local laws.
I will not work for a company I know to have human rights violations in its supply chain.
I will not work for a company I know to be a staff augmentation/"body shop".
Do you work well under pressure?
Is this job one that regularly engages in actual emergencies? Example: an ER, a fire department. Or do you fabricate urgency through poor management, uneven distribution of duties, and an inflated sense of self for upper management?
OK, I read the entire thing. I get what you are looking for. I think I have something direct hire and fully remote that you will enjoy. What is the secret to getting your attention?
Tell me you read the FAQ and mention the phrase "brown M&M's." in the subject when you contact me to get the best response/treatment. You get the white glove service this way; it also prioritizes you above my other requests as it shows you did the research. If you do this, you are an amazing person and you have my initial interest.
If you want to understand the logic/meaning behind this, you should read this link:
If after you have read all this and you want to contact me directly, use my calendly but dont forget about the M&M's: Calendly