Interviews: Frequently Asked Questions

The contents of this page may NOT be used for used for ETA-9089, USCIS Form I-140, or Visa Petition of any kind. This is to limit abuse by recruiters and third parties.

Interview Process F.A.Q.

Why do you want a clear map of the hiring process we use in advance?
I'm auditing your hiring process to make sure that your company process reflects the ethics and integrity I expect from my employer in all facets of the company.
I'm looking for red flags and things that would scare me away, because I know any bad requests I find in the interview process will only get worse if I allow myself to be hired.
I'm looking to mitigate the risk that I will suffer through a broken hiring process only to find out in the last minute of the last meeting of the interview loop that I'm not interested.
I'm judging how (or if) you value your employees by picking apart your hiring process to understand you better.
Why do you hate panel interviews?
Because they explicitly discriminate illegally agianst disabled applicants in violation of federal and state hiring standards.
Because I am agaisnt any abuse of my fellow humans, especially fellow engineers.
Because they are explicitly designed to create misunderstanding, pain, and suffering, and that is all against my values and ethics.
Why do you charge full professional per-diem rates for projects assigned as tasks in interviews?
Because my professional experience working at the top tech companies in the world - See my resume - have shown me that this sort of request is only done by pretender companies that don't know what they're really doing, so you show me you are not a good company to work for when you request this.
I have no issus with doing an actual interview; But asking me to solve the problems your own top employees can't solve without hiring me first is a dealbreaker, and I consider it an abusive form of employment fruad on your companies part because you can't legaly use the interview process to collect solutions or free work, or it really is considered employment fruad.
Because asking an engineer for a free compleated project they work on and complete by themselves outside of a scheduled interview meeting under the guise of an interview is a form of illegal employment fruad and abuse in my state as it has been explained to me by a lawyer.
Because shady companies who just want free work for larger projects done that have been scoped out to be the size needed for interviews as an illegal form of labor fruad have harmed me in the past, so my policy is simply not to allow it out of a sincere desire to help myself and others not be abused by these bad actors who do not represent the bulk of the tech community.