If you follow me on twitter..

In business settings we often get a one sided, dry, often boring view of people. The business world is so strict with rules that most people are going to simply present the face they think is best between 9-5 and then be their own person off hours. To be honest I find this sad, because the case is often that nobody really gets to find out who the people you spend most of the day with during the week really are.

But the fact is these sides of people still exist, you just never get to see them. It is a big and often scary thing to be that vulnerable to others, and so many people often simply do not let you see who they really are out of fear. You never get to see the husband, the brother, the mother, the sister, etc. side of who you work with.. but you can see that side of me on my twitter because that is really what twitter is about.

in case you are not aware, The core idea behind Twitter is "what is on your mind right now?". It is not about political correctness, or only things related to a single subject. There are no rules. It is about ideas and thoughts. As a result a few people have commented after following me on twitter that they expected more data about my day job or other 'business related" things; They expected more of how I am in "office hours". But that just it; I'm not just a guy who loves technology and business. I'm a brother, a son, a teacher, a student, and sometimes, a superhero.

So please keep in mind that while I love the fact that people look up to me enough to want to learn from me, follow my life, etc, the fact is twitter is a terrible place to educate yourself or ask me questions best responded with a detailed answer. It is just not the correct place to expect that sort of thing, and so I created this page to help you understand that what you see on twitter is just my "twitter self". Short, succinct, and sometimes even offensive out of context.

Twitter is a great place to communicate in a succinct manner about diverse topics. But lets face it; 280 letters or numbers is very limiting and sometimes context is going to be lost with sometimes hilarious or uncomfortable results. As a result, I want to state here that while I welcome you to follow me on twitter and be a normal part of my life, and I would love to see what your life is like as part of that communication, but the fact is I do not consider myself "in the office" on twitter and as a result I am a little more free with my thoughts than I would be in the office. Other times, I'm just tired or joking.

If you really want some of my time, or want to learn something from me, just please just reach out and get in contact. Tweet me, even, if you like.

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