Web3 & BlockChain: Frequently Asked Questions

If you came to this page looking for how to recover your web3-style account after forgetting your password, I'm sorry but the simple and hard fact is that you can't, by design. It's all gone. I'm so sorry for your loss. Please warn others so they don't suffer the loss you just did, because this was by design with Web3 so I can't help you even though I want to, because the people who scammed you designed this trap so you would have no way to get help after being victimized. The real banking system is not perfect, but it is still safer than any blockchain and far more private.

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Electronic Currency F.A.Q.

What is your stance on web3/blockchain/electronic currency?
I *hate* it. In fact, I was part of the 1,400 different industry professionals who signed https://concerned.tech/ asking the congress of the USA to ban it and make it illegal to protect people from its grifts and scams.
Why are NFT's scams?
Because any hosting company that doesn't want to host the image that has its link hard coded in the blockchain as an NFT can simply delete any NFT they host, or even edit or change them, without your permission, because the image itself does not exist on any blockchain and is not distributed. In fact its happening now, and its been happening for years: https://www.vice.com/en/article/pkdj79/peoples-expensive-nfts-keep-vanishing-this-is-why
What do you really think about web3/blockchain?
The only people who support #web3 or #blockchain in my experience are the ignorant that do not know they are being scammed, the people intentionally trying to scam other people, or third parties who have something to gain financially from others scamming innocent victoms.
Why do you hate electronic currencies, aka "crypto" and "web3"?
First, let me make one thing very clear: The word "crypto" is shorthand for "cryptography". It does NOT mean anything else. The slang term 'crypto' was simply co-opted by a smaller group of people who did not understand cryptography but knew it was part of the system, and used the word as shorthand simply because they were lazy and didn't want to build anything of value of their own because that would have been actual work. The correct meaning of 'crypto' has been, and will always be, 'cryptography' to the people who actually know things. If you see people use that word differently, its a red flag that they don't understand what they are talking about and are not intelligent enough to differentiate between the two easily, and you should protect yourself from them IMHO.
Second, I'm sick of seeing posts online from people who were lied to and scammed out of their life savings, who have nobody to turn to for help after they lose everything, because the gritters and scam artists working in the NFT/Web3/Blockchain space have designed a very complicated system in a explicit effort to trap and scam people with no way to get customer support or get help to undo grifts and scams.
Third, let me be very clear: "Electronic currency" can not exist without directly being seen as a threat to SWIFT and their efforts to impose sanctions against Russia for their illegal invasion of Ukraine. So if you support electronic currencies you are directly and intentionally supporting an intentionally antisemitic genocide, and by staying in the web3/NFT/electronic currency space, you may as well be pulling the trigger and killing (and worse) my relatives in Ukraine yourself.
Read This to better understand why they are a scam with a high technical bar of understanding: https://blog.dshr.org/2022/02/ee380-talk.html?m=1.
Read This to better understand why the current idea of web3 is deeply flawed and based on systems that are already known to be untrustworthy due to too much centralization and backroom deals: https://moxie.org/2022/01/07/web3-first-impressions.html.
I will NOT work for your electronic currency startup, because nobody connected to any of the ones who have reached out and contacted me actually understand anything about cryptography, or what the risks of electronic currencies actually are.
Yes, I'm a cryptographer; that is why I will not work on electronic currencies. I know too much. I can't support a system that is bad for people and the world, as these things cannot handle customer support and anti-fraud requirements that are CRITICAL for a functional and sustainable system. Web3 is utterly broken by design, and will harm your customer relationships and violate your KYC compliance and anti-fraud efforts due to lack of critical compliance and support as part of its core by-design infrastructure.
It was designed to give you nobody who can help you when things go wrong, and it was designed to ensure things went wrong.
It's a trap.
Do not ask me to join your company if you want to have me work on anything web3/electronic currency related; I see web2 as more open and better for the world as its built on open protocols I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars in transaction fees to use just to send an email.