Hello, my name is Duane, and for my "day job" I write code (I'm fullstack, but prefer backend.) and lead teams that do so. Basicly, I'm a nerd with an understanding of the value of leadership and other skills, who tries daily not to have an ego and learn what I can from others, who has provided leadership for globally distributed engineering teams composed of hundreds of engineers, as part of both prior Fortune 50 executive leadership roles, fortune 50 software development engineer roles, and prior startup roles.

I'm based out of Seattle, WA, and enjoy my local PDT timezone, so please dont ask me to consider other ones.

I'm isolated due to c19 and family obligations that make travel impossible, so dont ask me to do that.

My phone has "do not disturb" enabled on it automatically every day based on the current time, to protect my sanity.

I have a high work ethic that I do not see as often in others as I would like; I value integrety, and I think that a persons word should actually mean something.

I do not work with companies or people I cannot trust. Integrity is very big for me.

I consider myself a musician, despite being terrible at it, because if you can play an instrument, then you are a musician, and my heart beats like a drum.

I consider myself a gamedev, and have worked as part of gaming console development teams in Redmond, WA. I also own GameDev.com and use it for consulting and projects.

I support the public library system; Libraries are a fundamental collective good. I believe in this so much that I'm still sad about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria thousands of years ago. If it was within my power to bring back all that knowledge, to assure it was never lost, I would do it in an instant. I firmly believe that that was society's greatest loss in it's recorded memory. Example: We just recently (2013) reverse engineered how to make Roman Concrete and that was one of the things that was lost. We literally spent almost 2000 years trying to figure this out by ourselves because of its loss to history.

I speak english, but if you dont, I'm happy to use your language if I know it. I'm lucky enough to have a passport that has stamps in it from before the pandemic, and while I don't feel like travel is an option anymore, I'm glad I got the opportunity to travel the world pre-covid.

I will not tolerate hate, bigotry, or discrimination of any kind. I'm not a fan of bullies. I have a very diverse friend group, and due to that I'm honestly feel like I'm probably more inclusive and accepting than most people, not that this makes me better than them in any way. I try to follow the examples of people like the Dalai Lama when it comes to this.