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"Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds.” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

The "Knights of Good" is what I'm calling my personal efforts to find and assist groups and individuals who through legal action and ethical purpose seek to do good in the world so that the world is safer for the next 7 generations, in a way that benefits humanity and harms they who would do harm against the innocent, without breaking any laws myself.

If this was a D&D Campaign, these would be the Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, or Neutral Good type people. The law must be respected, of course. If your alignment has "Evil" in it, or the word "Neutral" without the word "good", I'm officially not interested.

They get my funds when I give money to charity. They get my help when I'm bored and need a project that helps others. They get my 110% of my technical ability and genus. The people who run them can reach out to me at any time and I will do my best to help them.

These charities are (In no particular order):

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