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The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.- Bill Gates

I'm a fan of home automation that makes sense. A lot of the technology I see out there right now is half formed, young, and not yet there.

One of the better home automation technologies I have seen, due in part to its openness, is the Phillips Hue Color Light platform. I actually use this myself for my personal office/work space at home. Sadly, its not perfect or even easy to use in many of my use cases.

I enjoy and use the Hue platform (v2); the problem is it is very hard to find data on integration with things like my Amazon Echo, or IFTTT, and as I found today (7/4/2016) people will actively tell you bad data to use in the hope that the wrong light will harm you. Yes, the wrong frequency of light can harm you. It does not seem right to me that this is allowed, and sadly platforms like IFTTT have not yet wised up to the idea of evil automation, so have no way to report people trying to blue light peoples faces right before bedtime on these platforms. Yes, blue light wakes you up. Purple Light can burn you.


The following chart/list was created by me hand calculating the values because I went looking for a way to automate my usage of light to help me sleep and wake at the correct parts of the day in an automated way. I live in Seattle, the land with no sun except for a week or two out of the year, and found that somebody had already switched the wrong values for this in an automation system I was considering on using. So the tables were removed.

Want to sleep? It used the values to wake you up.

Want to wake up? It used values that would have put you to sleep.

These sort of trolls are evil.

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