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Without encryption, you and I wouldn't be able to do our banking online. We wouldn't be able to buy things online, because your credit cards - they've probably been ripped off anyway, but they would be ripped off left and right every day if there wasn't encryption. - Tim Cook

I'm a full believer that the free and legal use of strong encryption that does not contain a backdoor of any kind is a fundamental human right. Full Stop.

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A few things:

  • FIPS is worthless. It allows insecurity and in some cases actively makes you insecure.
  • Stay the heck away from using DES or Triple DES.
  • All data encrypted with RSA keys under 1048 bits should be considered as secure as plaintext.
  • If your organization uses certificates that are only 1024 bits you have no security.
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Page last modified on May 04, 2016, at 05:39 PM PST