My Current Availability:
Open only to FTE Full time roles that are not with a contracting company.

I'm Currently Remote-Only Due to COVID19's WA STATE LOCKDOWN. No Exceptions.

I am OPEN for a conversation about roles in our mutual benefit, just remember anything you offer me will need to be market competitive and fully 100% remote until the global pandemic clears.

I am ALWAYS open for business networking that is to both our clear mutual benefit.

I am NEVER interested in relocation from my home in Seattle/Washington State, so please don't ask me to relocate unless you are willing to retire me early, first..

I am NEVER interested in roles outside of my home in the Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond/Tacoma triangle in WA state, unless I can work remote and have zero travel.

Want my attention? Read the below F.A.Q. and know the details, be competitive, and reach out in ADVANCE with an offer that gets my attention in a positive way.

Availability: Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not the sort to normally promote myself, but I often get asked to interview by companies looking for somebody with my wide range of technical and leadership skills and it is not uncommon for me to get thousands of these sort of requests a week. Due to this, the following page was created so I could just copy and paste the link to recruiters who may need this data because I'm sick of repeating myself, and as an engineer this seemed like the simplest fix.

The contents of this page may NOT be used for used for ETA-9089, USCIS Form I-140, or Visa Petition of any kind.

Technology Stack FAQ

What is your experience with the cloud?
I have personal experience building products using AWS, Azure, Openstack, Hadoop, and manual "Rack and Stack" company built/hybrid clouds. I have also moved companies to the cloud, and between clouds.
Can you do mobile application development?
Yes, I have personal experience building products on all the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android) as well as other platforms (Windows Mobile, IoT, Other embed devices).
Can you do desktop development?
Yes, I have personal experience building products on all the major computing platforms (PC (Windows), Mac, Linux)) as well as other platforms (Berkley Software Distribution, HP-UX, Solaris, Others).
Can you do SQL / NoSQL / Database development?
Yes, I have personal experience with multiple databases on all the major computing platforms (PC (Windows), Mac, Linux)) as well as other platforms. This includes ACID compliant SQL based DB's (MySQL, PostgreSQL, T-SQL, SQLitem, etc) as well as NoSQL (DynamoDB, Key->Value Stores and Document DB's, Key->Key->Value stores like Cassandra, etc. There is always a better solution than using MongoDB (See below).
What programming languages do you have the most recent experience in?
I have the most recent experience in C#, F#, Python, SQL, C++, GO, C, C++, Java, Perl, and Batch/Bash/Shell scripting.
Over my 20-or-so years programming I have personal experience in others such as and including (but not limited to) Assembly, Java-script, LUA, TCL, Bash, Powershell, and a very long list of others that are no longer generally used (Such as COBOL, LISP, etc).
I don't limit myself to one language and I prefer to build up a toolbox so I can use the right tool for the job over treating a given programming language as the one tool for everything.
Can you handle our needs?
Statistically, yes. If not I will say so, because your time is valuable and I hate BS'ing people.
Contact me directly with your expectations. I'm always open to a conversation to see how I can help.

Executive F.A.Q.

What is your experience as an Executive?
The range of my experience comes from start-ups where I'm the first engineer in the door to Fortune 50 companies with up to officially leading 115 engineers all reporting to me.
My preference has always been on the engineering side, where I feel I can be most effective due to my technical ability, but that also means sometimes I'm the only person in management that understands the technology, too.
Will you do free work for a 509(c)(3) charity?
Depending on the work to be done and what the focus of your charity is, I have no problem donating my time/skills/experience to the right charitable cause if I offer to do so.
My biggest requirement for this sort of work is that you can get me the correct paperwork to keep my accountant and my lawyer happy, and that you can demonstrate the lasting good my work would do at scale.
Contact me for a discussion.
Can you handle our needs?
Statistically, yes.
Contact me directly with your expectations. I'm always open to a conversation to see how I can help.

Leadership Style F.A.Q.

How would you best explain your leadership style?
I use a "Eyes on, Hands off" style that maintains flexibility between different elements of servant leadership and typical PDM / Delegation while still maintaining business priorities by being results-oriented and balance sheet focused.
What does "Eyes on, Hands off" really mean in simple English?
It means I coach and train people, teams, and organizations so that leadership is not a bottleneck on the productivity of the members of the team, in a way that allows leadership to still maintain command control over what results they get from the team, all without creating organizational problems that limit company growth or employee retention.
What if we train our people and they grow enough to be able to leave the company?
What if you don't improve your team's skills at all, and they decide to stay and lower the overall effectiveness of your company by being more Jr. level, and your company dies so slowly nobody knows it until its too late to save the company?
What if our organization is more Jr. because we can't retain our best people?
Stop using bad engineering for everything, treat people with respect, limit working hours to 40-45 hours a week, pay people market competitive rates, remove the bad managers, and your retention will improve.
If that is not helping, then you may have a leadership problem or you have a bad idea of what market rate looks like. In this case your leadership or management is possibly chasing your best people away even if you are paying people enough.
I actually specialize in helping companies keep their best people as part of larger efforts to grow teams to be more productive.
Reach out for a discussion.

Technical Contracting F.A.Q.

What sort of roles are you most interested in?
I'm looking for as long term and stable as possible.
Are you interested in technical contracting roles of any kind?
Yes, but I'm actively working to transition away from staff augmentation contracts and consulting as I got into that by mistake.
I want stability and a work life balance I can count on and plan around, so I can build a life that meets my own needs.
Why are you trying to get out of consulting and contracting?
I can't build the family/life I want if I'm looking for new contracts every few months. I want kids, a family. etc but I wouldn't be a good father if I didn't think about the long term effects of my career on my future wife or kids.
Are you open to a FTE position?
Yes. Read this entire page and mention the secret word you will find to get the best response.

Recruiter F.A.Q.

I'm a recruiter who works only with FTE roles.
Great! Lets talk!
Please just be aware that I need to be allowed to ask questions about the company/role, and will interview the company myself to see if they are a good fit for me.

Technology F.A.Q.

What programming language/framework are you comfortable using?
I can use any programming language or framework I feel like with the proper motivation, but I'm most experienced with C#/ASP.Net/Python/C/SQL/GoLang/C++/ObjectiveC style languages in the past and I mostly work with C#/ASP.Net/F#/.Net/Python/SQL and C/C++ right now. I LOVE Python and GoLang and Rust's design interests me at a very geeky level, but I cant seem to find a Python/GO/Rust Language role.
I am programming language agnostic and would rather have a toolbox than use a single language as a hammer against every problem.
If I do not already know the language or framework, I will tell you.
I will then go get a book on it, and then spend time learning it on my own for the fun of it.
What Mobile Development Frameworks do you have the best experience with?
I have experience with Android (Java SDK and C+++ ABI), Apple iOS (ObjectiveC/Swift), as well as other platforms that are no longer market relevant.
As I write this I'm focusing my energy on iOS applications for the future (As I write this on 4/28/2020) as I want to build 'apps' for my own iDevices.
We use MongoDB as our primary data storage device..
Stop. No. Please. Don't. MongoDB is not ACID Compliant in any sense because its "queue-to-write" and not transaction safe, even in an eventually consistent manner.
Anybody who tells you to use MongoDB "because its web-scale" or "because its fast" is either incompetent or malicious, probably both. Your data WILL get corrupted at high load. Or stolen, since MongoDB is not secure.
The read speed comes from its in memory storage model; And there are far better in-memory caches out there. Look up "memcache" and "redis" and then either fire the MongoDB guy or hire me to fire them for you.
Some tools are better than others, and some should never be used at all because better options exist for EVERY possible use case. That is generally the case with MongoDB.
When looking at jobs I actively see the use of MongoDB by a company as a red flag that gives a negative view of their leadership's technical competence, as other better options exist for EVERY possible use case that MongoDB Supports. As a result I consider its use to be a distinct sign of ignorance and incompetence.
MongoDB is a Trap. Don't fall for it.
MongoDB is a Red Flag. If you see it, run away.

Domains F.A.Q.

So I see you own http://GameDev.Com, would you sell it to me?
The domain GameDev.Com is an active part of my portfolio. I use it for email and other things. It is not going unused, and I am not a domain squatter.
The correct and proper answer to this question is actually very nuanced. See the below.
Is the domain http://GameDev.Com for sale?
Because statistically you are going to offer me much less than its worth or than it would cost me to divest it from my holdings and projects, the public answer is "no".
I'm sick of getting this question, so please see my Google contact form for all further communications about GameDev.Com:

Relocation F.A.Q.

Will you relocate outside of Seattle, WA, USA in the domestic USA for any reason?
Why are you not interested in moving from Seattle, WA at all?
I have family obligations that keep me in Seattle, WA. I have absolutely no intention of relocating for any reason because its not economically or socially advantageous for me to move out of a tech hub where I already own a home and have roots. Don't ask me to relocate unless your offering me at least a multi-million dollar bonus, upfront, in advance of that relocation, with no claw back, so I can retire first.
I wont move anywhere where my salary would not allow me to buy a house and make the mortgage easily; If my monthly salary isn't after taxes at least 4 times what I need to pay a 30 year fixed mortgage, then I'm not interested.
Keeping my promises to extended family and remaining a man of integrity means more to me than a few extra thousand dollars in my wallet, especially if I cant even afford a home (Example: Bay Area Mortgages are too expensive.)

Time-zone F.A.Q.

What times of day should we call you?
Between the hours of 8am and 5pm, PST (GMT -8).
I do not take calls from people I don't know and have on my contact list outside of the hours of 8am to 5pm, PST (GMT -8).
This is enforced in a fully automatic way by the "Do not Disturb" feature on my iPhone.
If I give you the OK to call "any-time", I mean it. I also expect you to be professional in your choices of time to call.
What human languages should we use?
English is best as that is my native language.
I know a little Spanish, French, Russian, Italian. Icelandic, Swedish, and Mandarin but I don't feel at all comfortable speaking them in professional situations.
In a pinch I have had entire conversations in languages I do not know using Google translate; but I dislike doing this.
It can lead to some uncomfortable (and often hilarious in retrospect) situations.
In general you should use the best English skills you have when contacting me.

Legal F.A.Q.

Why won't you work for Huawei or their owned/connected subsidiaries (Futurewei, etc)?
The United States Federal Government is formally accusing them of Treason against America.
Legally speaking, this is a capital crime with a death sentence per United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381. I want nothing to do with this, or any person or company in that situation.
Why do you get angry at recruiters who misrepresent roles or use bait and switch tactics?
Because per this is illegal Fraud in the state of WA and since most Technical Recruiters are actually out of state, its much worse for them as that means they are actually committing a Felony when they do that.
Why won't you hand over social media account passwords if we request them?
Because per it is illegal in the state of WA for any company to ask for this data, or to ask or attempt to otherwise know what social networks somebody is even a part of.
Because per access to an employee's social media opens any company in WA to other legal risks.
If you invent something interesting to us, can we claim ownership if you worked for us?
Per it is illegal for an employer to expect ownership of work an employee does on their own time using their own resources.
If you otherwise seek to purchase or license my IP, start the conversation in a friendly tone that recognizes the fact I own the IP in question, and expect to pay market rates for licensing as I'm generally not the sort of person to sell my IP outright.
I'm a lawyer looking to talk to you about an opportunity to license your IP to my client..
Stop. One of the rules I picked up working as an Executive at a Fortune 50 company is that "Lawyers always only Talk to Other Lawyers".
The result of this is that I simply don't talk to lawyers that don't explicitly work for me. Period.
In the event that a Lawyer reaches out to me for any reason, I will always refer them to my own lawyer, let them sort it out, and then add the cost of my lawyer to any invoice I send out.

Personal F.A.Q.

Why have you done so much contracting?

Back in 2005 I was just a 22 year old kid who had been running his own tech company since he was 17. I sort of "won the lotto" and through good luck, hard work, a lot of determination, and some help from friends I manage to land my first role at MSFT in MSR. MSR is also known as MSFT Research.

Here I am, surrounded by PHD's and experts in fields of study I adored. I wanted to learn everything. So I did what any man should do in that situation: I started asking questions about everything I could, including how best to take advantage of this opportunity.

They all told me the same thing; that I should stay a contractor until I was "ready" and "sick of it", move around the industry, learn daily - including from my own mistakes - and then once I wanted out of contracting, take the amount of experience/skills that I had acquired from contracting/consulting and settle down into a "work home" that I could invest myself in fully, in a mutually symbiotic relationship built on mutual respect and a sincere desire to keep learning while building the future.

Are you open to FTE roles?
Yes, as I am actually prioritizing FTE roles. Contact me for a discussion.
Why are you so blunt / honest / funny when you write?
The only truly valuable thing in this world is time. Laughter comes next.
I try to respect your time by getting to the point and giving you the facts.
I personally dislike it when people beat around the bush or delay the truth.
It's in my own best interest that you not waste my time by not having all the facts.
OK, I read the entire thing. I get what you are looking for. I think I have something you will enjoy. What is the secret to getting your attention?
Tell me you read the FAQ and mention the phrase "brown M&M's." in the subject when you contact me to get the best response/treatment.
I'm open to Contract to Hire positions, but I do my due diligence.
If you want to understand the logic/meaning behind this, you should read this link: