Duane F. King

Duane F. King

I started programming on the Atari 2600 in the early 1980's, and have never stopped looking for new problems to solve.

Since then, I have had many years of experience in the assessment, creation, management, and building of both software and software test automation. I have experience in the maintenance, administration, and software development of Windows, Mac, and Linux / UNIX environments on multiple hardware platforms.

My direct technical experience includes working with C, C++, Perl, .Net, C#, Python (PIP, Virtualenv, EasyInstall, Pyramid, Django, Cornice, Colander), Unix and Windows Shell, VB, VB.NET, WCF, WPF, ASP.Net, MSQL, MySQL, TSQL, C++, XML, PHP, ASP, Assembly (Z80, X86, minimal RISC Ultrasparc v8) and Java. I have assessed, designed, created, programmed, maintained, developed, and tested software applications, testing frameworks, test plans, and systems using server and client automation with C++, C#, Python, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, MSSQL, TSQL, ASP.Net, Perl, LAMP, SH, PHP, Java, Lua, and more.

My Leadership experience is diverse and includes but is not limited to Executive, Divisional, Managerial, Lead, and Individual Contributor (IC) roles in companies ranging from garage startups to publicly traded billion dollar giants where I mentored up to 115 engineers at a time.

I help companies create profitable products people love to use.


I will always represent your company with Honor and Integrity while working to further your companies interests in the market in every way I can. A lot of people go to work and consider it "just a day job"; I do my best to not only deep dive into issues other people are scared of learning about, but also convert chaos into opportunity.

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Effective & Efficient.

I do what I can to clean up or put out the fires I find at the source of the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms that create more work with a band-aid. If my only other option - either due to business priorities or other issues - is to just make you aware of them, I do so with clarity and in a succinct manner. I'm a big fan of actions that mitigate future risk.

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You need smart people at the top of your company to have a competitive advantage. With all the wonders available to humanity and even with the wonders of economics granting us access to any education we desire, a brain that can handle that information and process it is something that nobody can buy.

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